About Us




Suss X Active is based in Perth, Western Australia.  We are an athleisure brand that began its life on the tennis court.  We are inspired by the game of tennis and our goal is to offer apparel and leisurewear that is beautiful, practical and can withstand the harsh exercise regime on the court and life outside of the court.

As a tennis enthusiastic Joe, the founder of Suss X Active spends countless hours on the tennis court either playing or watching his son Joey train. It was through discussions with other tennis parents that Joe realized there was an opportunity to create a brand that could truly serve the needs of the tennis community.

Suss X Active differentiate itself from the big established brands through providing sustainable pricing and products that are unique to the market. Our approach is simple, tennis wear and leisurewear have to be comfortable, durable and affordable. We offer customers a genuine alternative from the big established brands. Our goal is to further enhance your performance by providing high quality sportswear and apparel that keeps you comfortable, breathable and enables you to perform at your best. We also understand that our customers don't stay on the court all the time, thus we also offer stylish leisurewear for all occasions. 


Suss X Active is a brand that believes in the power of sports in positively changing lives.

  • We strive to provide high quality sportswear that enables you to perform at your best.
  • Everything we do is motivated by our commitment to unlock the highest level of performance.
  • Our products are customer centric. The customer is top and center of our decisions.
  • We are local and we understand your needs.

Hensman Park Tennis Club Perth Sponsorship

We are a brand that believe in the power of sports in positively changing people’s lives.  As part of our commitment to giving back to the community and further strengthen our community ties, Suss X Active signed an agreement with Hensman Park Tennis Club Board in Perth Western Australia to provide their Women`s State league Team with sports apparel for the summer season. 2023/24.

Suss X Active will provide apparel for a team of 8 women covering their training gear, and match day uniforms. The Western Australian State league is the pinnacle of tennis competition and brings top talent from across the State to go head-to-head in a televised match every week for 10 weeks. Suss X Active is honored to be part of this competition and to contribute to the development of tennis in Western Australia.

Athletes Sponsorship

Payton Duckett 


Suss X Active also has an agreement with two other young tennis players a 17-year-old Payton Duckett who participates in International Tennis Federation (ITF) tennis tournaments and is also part of the Western Australian Women’s state league team and 15-year-old Joey who participates in the Boys Junior State League and is active in several Tennis West tournaments & UTR events to provide them with apparel for training and match play. We aim to grow this number so that we will be able to provide apparel sponsorship opportunities to many other young athletes. With further funding, we will be able to reach more young athletes and cover multiple sports and keep them engaged in sports.

Joey C

Applecross Senior High Fundraising Activities

We are involved in supporting fundraising activities by Applecross Senior High School – Specialist Tennis Program. We have donated various items to be used in the Sausage Sizzle Fund raising drive. These fundraising efforts are aimed at raising funds for the Applecross Senior High School Tennis Specialist program. I have been part of this fundraising effort for three years now, even before the start of Suss X Active and it's something that is close to my heart. I also have personal ties to the program as my son Joey is in the Specialist Tennis Program.

Tennis is an expensive sport, and many parents spend thousands of dollars in training, coaching, physio, and squads, I know this too well as I am one of the parents. My son Joey 15 is one of those tennis kids in the tennis program. The challenges faced by any parent with a child playing sports are plenty and if we can lessen one of those challenges by providing sports apparel to the kids, I believe that’s one less problem that the parents have to deal with. Our goal is to bring more kids into this program and facilitate the growth of sport locally, and nationally.